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Greg Hill

ACMG Assistant Ski Guide

Greg Hill was born in Cowansville Quebec and now calls Revelstoke home. Greg recently climbed and skied 2 million feet in 2010, climbing 71 mountains, over 266 days of touring. Sort of like climbing the CN tower 3+ times a day, every day, all year! Some of his other accomplishments include: first NA to climb and ski 40,000 ft in 24 hours and set a world record of 50,000 ft in 24 hours, first NA to climb and ski Mount Blanc in 1 day (11 hours – 12,000 ft), Whistler Randonnee Race champion 3 years in a row 2002-2004, pioneered the Northern Monashee traverse a 21 day ski traverse where he summited 21 peaks along the way and has planted over 1 million trees. Greg looks forward to skiing with guests this year and sharing tales of his many adventures.