Heli-Assisted Ski Touring

Eagle Pass Heliski was one of the first operations in BC to offer helicopter–assisted ski touring. Our aim was to offer the benefits of ski touring to those who didn’t have the time or energy required for the long and strenuous ski touring slogs up from valley bottom to access the scenic alpine. In utilizing the helicopter, the guest is able to spend all their holiday time enjoying the ultimate destination and serenity of ski touring high in the mountains. All this with no heavy packs on their backs!

The other advantages of this form of ski touring are that each day, guests can venture into, and explore a completely different area and set of scenery. This differs somewhat from the traditional ‘hut-based’ ski touring where you can only venture as far as you can travel within a day from the hut. 

Your Heli-Assist Ski Touring package includes both a drop off at the top of the mountain in the morning, as well as a Helicopter pick up at the end of the day.  This maximizes your day of ski touring by eliminating any long journeys in/out of the mountains and allows you to explore zones not normally accessible in one day!


Tour Dates

Heli-assisted ski touring packages

are available for our entire season.

Contact the Eagle Pass office

and start exploring deeper terrain.


Starting from 

$850 per guest

* Plus Appropriate Taxes