Level 1 Productions x Eagle Pass Heliski

Over this summer Level 1 is working on their 20th film in 20 years, and we have been stoked to host numerous Level 1 crews over the years.

Level 1 - Zig Zag 2018

With big lines and some of the most progressive riders in the game, last year's film - Zig Zag - definitely didn't disappoint.

Keep your eyes peeled for KC Deane, Thayne Rich, and Parker White throwing down Deep in the Monashees!

Quick clips from Eddie Bauer Athlete KC Deane's Zig Zag Segment

Head over to the Level 1 Production's website to check out the full film.

Level 1 - Pleasure 2016

With Pleasure, Level 1 continued to surprise with another must watch ski film in a lineage of classics.  The crew hunkered down in the Monashees in March of 2016 and nailed some incredible days of pow and sunshine!

Tanner Rainville's Eagle Pass Heliski Segment

Tatum Monod's Eagle Pass Heliski Pillow Lines

Thayne Rich's Eagle Pass Heliski Big Alpine Lines

Wiley Miller shredding the iconic Eagle Pass Mountain

We have been stoked to host the heavy hitting Level 1 film crews over the past few years, and we're excited to see what their 20th and final film brings!


Head over to the Level 1 Productions Website for more details!